About Robyn

I am a Suzuki trained violin instructor who has an obsession with playing Irish Fiddle.  


I started as a classical Suzuki Method student at age 4.  My teachers included Betty Newell and Jane MacMorran and I had master classes with William and Judith Starr among others.  I played until I finished high school then took a LONG hiatus from the instrument.  When I came back to it, it looked more like a fiddle to me and I dove into the world of Traditional Irish Music.


I have studied for more than 5 years with legendary Irish fiddler Kevin Burke.  Every lesson with him has been a deep dive into the history of the tradition or the music and techniques used by some of the greatest players of Irish music that HE learned from growing up in London.  He is truly a master of the instrument and he has greatly improved my musicality and understanding of Irish music.


I have a band called The Snug which occassionally plays at events or festivals.  Mostly you can hear me playing at various sessions around the Bay Area and Sonoma County.

I have experience with kids across the learning spectrum and I believe that anyone can learn to play and enjoy music.   And because of my experience learning Irish music as an adult, I have a sympathetic understanding for adult beginners and those wanting to branch out from their classical backgrounds.