A short list of influential Irish fiddlers

Are you wanting to expand your list of Irish fiddlers to listen to? Here is a list of a few of the better known fiddlers in Irish music.

Historic Fiddlers (1920-70)

Michael Coleman (Sligo/New York)

Paddy Killoran (New York)

Andy McGann (New York)

Paddy Cronin (Boston, Kerry)

Bobby Casey (Clare)

Tommy Potts (Dublin)

John Doherty (Donegal)

Brendan McGlinchey (London, N Ireland)

Charlie Lennon (Leitrim)

Dennis Murphy (Sliabh luachra)

Julia Clifford (Sliabh luachra)

Sean Ryan (Tipperary)

Ed Reavy (Chicago/Cavan)

Paddy Fahey (Galway)

Martin Byrnes(Ireland/London)

Vincent Griffin(Clare)

Lucy Farr (Galway)

Jimmy Powers(London)

John McGreevy (American)

Josephine Keegan (N Ireland)

Martin Mullvihill (Limerick)

Paddy Canny & PJ Hayes (Clare)

Modern Fiddlers (Recordings mostly post-1970)

(small subset)

Martin Hayes (Clare)

Kevin Burke (London/Sligo)

Frankie Gavin (Galway)

Tommy Peoples (Donegal/Clare)

Liz Carroll (Chicago)

Paddy Glackin (Donegal)

Caoimhin O’Raghallaigh (Dublin)

Oisin Mac Diarmada (Clare/Sligo/Connacht)

James Kelly (Dublin)

John Carty (London)

Brian Conway (New York)

Eileen Ivers (New York)

Liz Doherty (Donegal)

Randal Bays (US/Northwest)

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